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Plaintiff Pre-Settlement Legal Funding
We offer non-recourse pre-settlement funding for law firms looking to refer their clients in need. We work directly with the plaintiffs to take the burden off the attorneys. Forward does not broker our pre-settlement legal funding cases. Deals sent directly to Forward Funding have no brokerage fees so that we could offer more competitive rates, less paperwork, and less time to process the transaction.
Doctors & Surgery Centers on Lien
We work with a vast network of doctors & surgery centers that treat personal injury plaintiffs on the lien. Additionally, Forward provides lien-based medical care funding for TBI treatments, doctor visits, surgery centers, and hospital fees.


    If the case is lost, the client owes nothing

    We offer various Funding Options for Plaintiff’s

    These options help empower the attorney and law firm to continue cases and follow through to a larger personal injury settlement.

    Pre-Settlement Funding
    No income or credit checks necessary. With quick approvals, our dedicated team can distribute cash to your clients within hours from the time of application. We provide fast solutions so that all parties could easily sign via mobile phone or email for seamless and secure processing. Our pre-settlement legal funding does not impose strict re-payment terms or tight deadlines. Funding is determined using relevant case information. Approval requires accepted liability.
    Post-Settlement Funding
    We understand that securing the settlement proceeds can take a while. Lemon law, auto accident, and product recall cases take longer to payout. If a client is pushing to get their settlement check sooner, Forward can step in and advance the settlement payout directly to the plaintiff. This will give the attorney the piece of mind knowing their client has been funded and can move forward with their everyday life.

    Why Forward Funding?

    Easy Process

    Easy paperless approval process – everything can be done online

    Fast Funding

    Funding with 24 hours of approval. Pre-settlement funding is not a loan. If the case is lost, we are not owed anything


    No hidden fees, easy to understand the contract, and fully transparent communication with the plaintiff and their attorney throughout the process

    Direct Funder (Not a Broker)

    No extra broker fees, less time waiting for approval, and faster turnaround to receive money. We don’t share case information with other companies either

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