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Forward Legal Funding was founded on the idea of helping clients in personal injury lawsuits achieve financial relief by presenting them with a lawsuit loan alternative known as pre-settlement legal funding.

Forward is here to help even the playing field against insurance companies that have deep pockets and tend to prolong personal injury lawsuit claims. Plaintiffs can be burdened with increasing medical bills and everyday living expenses, but their cases may not settle fast enough to make payments.

These clients are often pressured to settle lawsuits sooner at much lower sums than they deserve. Forward was established to provide a fast and reliable solution to provide plaintiffs with pre-settlement funding until their case is closed.

David Moussighi

CEO of the company

Our Philosophy

<p>While others may solely pursue the bottom line, we view success in a different light. We maintain a hand-selected group of employees that not only uphold our high standards professionally but exemplify them personally. We are available on weekdays, evenings, and even weekends. We give more because caring for our clients is what we do best. From beginning to end and beyond, we are there to hold their hand and support them every step of the way. Let us move Forward together.</p>

Peace of Mind

<p>Forward Legal Funding is here to help get you the peace of mind you have been looking for. Call us today to apply for cash funding online to get the process started.</p>

Fast Cash

You could receive cash in as little as 24 hours after approval!

Why Forward Legal Funding?

Easy Process

Easy paperless approval process – everything can be done online

Fast Funding

Funding with 24 hours of approval. Pre-settlement funding is not a loan. If the case is lost, we are not owed anything


No hidden fees, easy to understand the contract, and fully transparent communication with the plaintiff and their attorney throughout the process

Direct Funder (Not a Broker)

No extra broker fees, less time waiting for approval, and faster turnaround to receive money. We don’t share case information with other companies either


Mikel M.

Pre-Settlement Funding

Genuinely amazing customer service. Something that is not that frequent these days. It was really nice to be heard and to receive such exemplary customer service in a time of need


Jonathan H.

Pre-Settlement Funding

My experience with Forward Funding was amazing. They were very informative, easy to talk and helpful at the same time. They made me feel like they cared and was there to help me get the finances I needed in my time need. I look forward to doing business with them again in the near future. Thank you so much High Rise Financial


Claudia M.

Pre-Settlement Funding

My attorney recommended Forward Funding and let me tell you they are the best! They were so helpful and answered all my questions. Forward Funding got me my money super quick and hassle-free!


Tarin I.

Pre-Settlement Funding

This was a great experience. Once my lawyer sent the paperwork, they had me approved and money in my account within 4 hours total for everything thanks so much. A good place to get money on your case before settling!


A’landris H.

Pre-Settlement Funding

The staff was very courteous and helpful I got the funding I needed before my accident case settlement. I will tell my friends and family. Thank you

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